The return counter


A: Good afternnoon, ABC department store,
I’m a customer service representative.
How may I help you?

B:  Yes, I’d like to return a sweater. I bought it yesterday.

A: What seems to be the problem?

B: It has a stain on it.

A: Oh, we’re so sorry about that.
Would you like a refund?

returnB: Yes, Please.

A: Certainly.
The return counter is on the 1st floor.
Please bring the receipt
within 10 business days. Thank you.



A: Good afternnoon, ABC department store,
How may I help you?

B: I left my smartphone somewhere.

A: All right, I’ll put you through to the lost and found section.
Hold the line, please.

C: The Lost and Found section. May I help you?

B: I left my smartphone.

C: What kind of smartphone?

B: It’s a softbank. In a brown custom case.

C: Hold on a minute.
Yes, sure we have one in brown case.

B: Oh, thank goodness!
I will come back to pick it up in 2 hours.
Thank you for taking care of it.

C: Certainly sir, May I have your name?
Please bring your ID card, just in case.
Thank you!






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